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July 18th, 2008
•  Flexigrid is a lightweight but rich data grid with resizable columns and a scrolling data to match the headers, plus an ability to connect to an xml based data source using Ajax to load the content.
Tags: datagrid,data grid,flexigrid,ajax,jquery

July 13th, 2008
•  MooTools Typewriter Effect Class
Tags: typewriter effect,type writer effect,moo tools type writer,typing effect,typing,type effect,mootools,moo tools

•  Create a Dynamic Table of Contents Using MooTools 1.2
Tags: dynamic table of content,table of contents,moo tools,mootools,ajax,toc

•  Understanding YSlow - There's a lot to learn if you want to use YSlow to improve your website. Let this be your guide.
Tags: yslow,optimization,optimize,website optimization,increase load,load time,loading,load

•  eXtplorer is a Ext javascript and PHP based file manager. Very slick and functional. If you need a file manager, make this your first choice.
Tags: file manager,file-manager,php file manager,javascript file manager,directory browser,browse,browsing,directory browsing

•  When it comes to simpler user experience, having your form validation happen instantly on the same page is a lot cleaner than reloading pages and possibly losing some form content. In this tutorial I'll show you how to use jQuery to do some instant checking on an example comment form.
Tags: ajax,jquery,form validation,validation,jquery validation

•  Meteora Description Meteora is set of cross-browser Widgets and Controls that allows you to quickly write rich and customizable web applications without having to waste time reading full pages of documentation or programming excessive javascript that is painful to debug in every browser.
Tags: javascript widget,widget,widgets,javascript,ajax,mootools,moo tools,moo

•  jquery asmselect - A progressive enhancement to "select multiple" form elements
Tags: jquery,select,multi select,select multiple,html select,ajax

July 7th, 2008
•  Animated Progress Bars Using MooTools: dwProgressBar
Tags: mootools,moo tools,ajax,progress bar,progress,progress meter,graph,progress graph,meter,animation,ajax animation

•  openWYSIWYG is a free cross-browser WYSIWYG editor that's packed with rich-text editing features.
Tags: openwysiwyg,wysiwyg,textarea,editor,textarea replacement

July 6th, 2008
•  Standard Auto-Documentation Tool for the PHP Language
Tags: php doc,php docs,php documentation,doc,docs,documentation

July 4th, 2008
•  Jumpchart - Where Websites Begin - Skeleton / Wireframe / Mockup
Tags: mockup,mock up,wireframe,wire frame,sketch,brainstorm,skeleton,outline

July 3rd, 2008
•  JibberBook is an easy-to-use, open-source guestbook built with PHP5 and JavaScript.
Tags: guestbook,guest book,php guestbook,php guest book,ajax,moo tools,mootools,moo

July 2nd, 2008
•  pChart - PHP Charting Library under GPL License
Tags: pchat,php charts,php chart,php charting,php graph,php graphs,php graphing,php,graph,graphs,graphing,chart,charts,charting,gpl

•  Create a NoScript Compatible Select Form Element with an onChange Event
Tags: onchange,select tag,html select,select navigation,javascript,javascript navigation,jump menu,javascript nav,javascript menu

July 1st, 2008
•  Collaborate and Connect with Subversion
Tags: svn,subversion,sub version,source control,version control,cvs

June 30th, 2008
•  Web 2.0 Stripe Generator
Tags: stripe,stripes,background image,background images,bg stripes,bg stripe,web 2.0,stripes background,stripe background,bg stripes

•  Tiled Backgrounds Designer
Tags: tile,tiled,tile background,tiled background,tiled bg,tile bg,image background,background design

June 29th, 2008
•  BarackSlideshow - An elegant, lightweight slideshow script
Tags: slideshow,slide show,ajax,moo tools,mootoolsimage slide show,image slideshow

•  JQuery Progress Bar
Tags: progress bar,progress meter,progress,upload progress meter,upload progress bar,upload progress,jquery,ajax

June 27th, 2008
•  How to Get Cross Browser Compatibility Every Time
Tags: cross-browser,crossbrowser,cross browser,ie,ff,safari,browser,compatible,consistent

June 26th, 2008
•  Creating a Floating HTML Menu Using jQuery and CSS
Tags: jquery,css,floating,float menu,javascript,ajax

•  Editable Content Using MooTools 1.2, PHP, and MySQL (Inline Content Management)
Tags: cms,content management system,content management,inline,inline content management,mootools,moo tools,ajax,javascript,php,mysql

June 24th, 2008
•  Multi-Select Transfers Using MooTools 1.2
Tags: multiselect,multi select,html,moo tools,mootools,ajax,javascript

June 23rd, 2008
•  MooTools 1.2 Tooltips: Customize Your Tool Tips
Tags: mootools,moo tools,ajax,javascript,tool tips,tooltips,tooltip,tool tip

June 22nd, 2008
•  iPhone Developer Journal (Beginners Resource)
Tags: iphone,iphonesdk,iphone sdk,xcode,apple iphone,apple,mac,osx,os x

June 21st, 2008
•  Startupping is a one-of-a-kind community resource created to share information, ask questions, and tap into the experience of others who have built and are building web businesses.
Tags: startup,start up,web business,business,small business,entrepreneur,entrepreneurs

•  P+C DTR allows you to take a vanilla standards-based (X)HTML web page and dynamically create images to replace and enhance page headings using only PHP + CSS. Sick of using the same three fonts? Tired of editing heading images in PhotoShop? If so, P+C DTR might be for you.
Tags: php,css,dynamic text replacement,dtr,dynamic text,dynamic image

•  Magic Zoom is a JavaScript zoom tool. It's the best way to display images in incredible detail. Users do not need to click anything - they just move their mouse over the image to see every detail of your product. Magic Magnify is a Flash image zoomer which is similar to Magic Zoom, however it looks more elegant, it zooms into your images with a magnifying-glass.
Tags: javascript zoom,javascript magnify,magnify,zoom,javascript,javascript images,image magnify,image zoom

June 20th, 2008
•  Knowing Website State Using PHP - From Dev to Production - Know if the site is live or not.
Tags: state,php state,application state,website state,php

June 19th, 2008
•  Learning MooTools: 20 MooTools Tutorials and Examples
Tags: moo tools,ajax,javascript,ajaz framework

•  CSS Editors Reviewed
Tags: css,css editor,ide,markup editor,markup,cascading style sheet

•  Assign Anchor IDs Using PHP
Tags: anchor,anchors,anchor id,anchor ids,id,php,html,xhtml

June 18th, 2008
•  Storing Images in MySQL
Tags: image database,mysql,php,storing images,images,image upload,uploading images

June 16th, 2008
•  Create HTML Elements Using PHP: html_element Class
Tags: create html,html,php,php class,html element,html elements

•  Vista-like Ajax Calendar
Tags: ajax calendar,calendar,calendar picker,date picker,date,dates,ajax

June 14th, 2008
•  CSS Support in Email Clients
Tags: css,css email,html email,email design,css support

•  PHP Twitter API Client
Tags: twitter,twitter api,api,php

•  Bot Detection with PHP
Tags: php,bot,seo,analytics,tracking,stats

June 12th, 2008
•  Transparent PNGs in Internet Explorer 6
Tags: png,png transparency,transparency,ie,ie6,js,javascript,css

•  SmartOptimizer (previously named JSmart) is a PHP program that enhances your website performance by optimizing the front end using techniques such as minifying, compression, caching and concatenation.
Tags: optimize,compress,php,js

•  Clean your PNG files of useless or wrong information. Make your PNG files smaller. And more...
Tags: png,portable network graphics,optimize

•  Git Resources
Tags: git,svn,cvs,repository,source control,version control

•  Git is an open source version control system designed to handle very large projects with speed and efficiency, but just as well suited for small personal repositories.
Tags: git,svn,cvs,repository,source control,version control

•  Web Form Design: Modern Solutions and Creative Ideas
Tags: form design,forms,design,form,ui,interface,user interface,gui

•  Pagination Gallery: Examples And Good Practices
Tags: pagination,pages,paging,page

•  SPAW Editor is a web based in-browser WYSIWYG editor control enabling web site developers to replace a standard textarea html control with full-featured, fully customizable, multilingual, skinable web based WYSIWYG editor.
Tags: spaw,wysiwyg,textarea,editor,textarea replacement

June 11th, 2008
•  Google AJAX Feed API - Dynamic Feed Control Wizard - Put feeds on Your Web Page
Tags: ajax,google,rss,feed,rss feed,xml

•  iPhone Developer Center - Tutorials, Downloads, Reference, and Sample Code
Tags: api,iphone,apple,mac,iphone development,iphone sdk,iphone api

•  Same DOM errors, different browser interpretations
Tags: dom,document object model,browser dom,browser,ie,ff,safari

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