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November 9th, 2008
•  QSvn is a GUI Subversion client for Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X and Windows.
Tags: qsvn,svn,subversion,version control,cvs

November 4th, 2008
•  AMIP - Now Playing
Tags: amip,skype,now playing,skype song status,skype status

November 3rd, 2008
•  A Practical Introduction to GNU Privacy Guard in Windows
Tags: gnupg,gnu privacy guard,gpg,pgp,encryption,security

October 31st, 2008
•  Google Base Tools - free set of tools built upon the Google Base API
Tags: googlebase,google base,google,google base api,google api,api,apis

•  LWIS - Free CSS Drop-Down Menu Framework
Tags: css menu,css,dropdown menu,menu,dropdown,nested menu,css framework,css dropdown menu

October 30th, 2008
•  Web Application Load and Stress Testing
Tags: load test,load testing,stress test,stress testing,web app,web application,flex,neotys

•  Linux Shortcuts and Commands
Tags: linux,unix,shell,command line

October 26th, 2008
•  Gaia Flash Framework
Tags: gaia,flash,adobe flash,adobe,flash framework,framework,as2,as3,action script

October 21st, 2008
•  Present. Refine. Get Sign Off. - Design Review Web App
Tags: design,critique,review,specs,spec,comp,prototype,sign off,get sign off

October 17th, 2008
•  Klok - Personal Time Tracking Made Easy
Tags: clock,klok,timeclock,time clock,track hours,keep track of time,billing,hourly,time tracking,freelance

•  High-availability cluster / High-availability architecture / n+1 n+2 etc.
Tags: n+2,n+1,n+m,high availability,availability,application architecture,architecture,web application design,application design,webapp,web app,cluster,clustering

October 16th, 2008
•  Subversion / SVN - Basic Work Cycle
Tags: svn,subversion,cvs,version control,versioning

October 12th, 2008
•  Flex In a Week: Learn Flex in one week by going through this video training course.
Tags: adobe,adobe flex,flex training,adobe training,flash,adobe flash

•  Submit Blog to Google Blog Search
Tags: blog,blog search,google,google blog search

October 3rd, 2008
•  Format Date Fields Using MySQL DATE_FORMAT()
Tags: date format,date,datetime,time,calendar,mysql date,mysql

October 2nd, 2008
•  Get Your FeedBurner Reader Statistic Using PHP cURL and the FeedBurner API
Tags: feeddburner,feed burner,rss,subscriber count

•  You Know How I Know You Read My Email? Email Tracking
Tags: email tracking,track email,email track,tracking email,html email,newsletter

•  Track the time you spend on projects with this simple and easy-to-use application. Divide your work into projects, and split each into individual tasks.
Tags: time tracker,time tracking,time track,tracking,tracker,track,timeclock,time clock,track time

October 1st, 2008
•  Design Solution Screenshots (on flickr)
Tags: design solutions,design,designs,design solution,screenshots,screen shots,screen shot,screencap,screen cap,screen capture,ui,interface design,ui design,interface,inspire,inspiration,flickr

September 30th, 2008
•  A Guide to CSS Support in Email
Tags: html email,css email,email,html

September 25th, 2008
•  Web 2.0 Look Generators
Tags: web 2.0,web2.0,web2.0,web 20,web 20,generator,loading

September 17th, 2008
•  Using PHP to Create an RTF Document
Tags: php word,word,word document,word rtf,word,rtf,php rtf

September 15th, 2008
•  Jcrop - jQuery Image Cropping Plugin
Tags: jcrop,jquery,jquery crop,ajax crop,crop image,crop,

•  Huge Collection of Google Analytics Tips
Tags: seo,google analytics,analytics,stats,metrics,analyze,google,tips

•  SQL Buddy - Web based MySQL administration
Tags: sql,mysql,phpmyadmin,mysql admin,mysql web app

•  Paste text to any application without formatting with PureText
Tags: copy,paste,copy paste,clipboard,clip board,text formatting,copy text,text format,paste text

September 14th, 2008
•  Writing a PHP Google Sitemap generator without using fopen
Tags: google,google sitemap,google xml sitemap,sitemap,site map,xml sitemap,xml site map,xml

September 13th, 2008
•  I'm a programmer, not a computer guy.
Tags: programmer,computer guy,geek,nerd,lifestyle

September 9th, 2008
•  Cross Browser Copy to Clipboard Script
Tags: clipboard,copy to clipboard,copy paste,paste,javascript clipboardjavascript copy,javascript

September 2nd, 2008
•  Generating Simple URLs for Search Engines
Tags: clean url,clean urls,seo url,seo urls.seo,mod_rewrite

•  How to use mod_rewrite to create clean URLs
Tags: clean url,clean urls,seo url,seo urls.seo,mod_rewrite

August 26th, 2008
•  Add This - Social Bookmarking Sharing Button
Tags: social bookmarks,social bookmarking,bookmark,bookmarks,bookmarking,sharing button,share,sharing

August 22nd, 2008
•  Common E4X Pitfalls
Tags: e4x,javascript,xml

August 20th, 2008
•  iTunes Link Maker
Tags: itunes,itunes link,itunes links,apple itunes

•  Kick starting the garbage collector in Actionscript 3 with AIR
Tags: as3,as3 garbage collection,garbage collection,flash garbage collection,flex garbage collection,air garbage collection,air resource management,flash resource management,flex resource management,memory management,memory,flash memory,air memory,flex memory

•  AS3 Resource Management
Tags: as3,as3 garbage collection,garbage collection,flash garbage collection,flex garbage collection,air garbage collection,air resource management,flash resource management,flex resource management,memory management,memory,flash memory,air memory,flex memory

August 19th, 2008
•  Flex SDK coding conventions and best practices
Tags: flex,flex sdk,coding convention,standards,best practices,coding standards,coding standards

August 18th, 2008
•  Adding auto update features to your AIR application in 3 easy steps
Tags: air,adobe air,adobe,air updater,air upating,air app updates,air application

August 14th, 2008
•  AMFPHP Security
Tags: amfphp,amfphp flash,flash remoting,flash remote,php flash,flash php

July 31st, 2008
•  Prototype Modal Window: Skinnable, resizeable, and more!
Tags: resizeable modal window, resizeable modal,resize modal,modal resize,modal,lightbox,light box,prototype,scriptaculous

July 28th, 2008
•  AMFPHP in Flash CS3 with AS3 - style
Tags: amfphp,remoting,remote,flash remoting,flex remoting,amfphp flash,flash amfphp,flash php

July 27th, 2008
•  Dates in PHP and MySQL
Tags: dates,date,date formatting,date field,php date,mysql date,php,mysql

July 24th, 2008
•  Drupal, AMFPHP and Flash
Tags: drupal flash,flash drupal,amfphp,drupal amfphp

•  Reading and Writing Drupal with Flex
Tags: drupal flex,flex drupal,flex,drupal

July 19th, 2008
•  This jQuery plugin generates sparklines (small inline charts) directly in the browser using data supplied either inline in the HTML, or via javascript.
Tags: jquery,sparkline,spark line,sparklines,spark lines,graph,chart,ajax

July 18th, 2008
•  Lightbox and Clones - Modal Windows
Tags: modal,modal window,modal windows,lightbox, light box,ajax,popup,pop up,pop window

•  15 Resources To Get You Started With jQuery From Scratch
Tags: jquery,beginner jquery,jquery beginner,learn jquery,jquery tutorials,jquery tutorial

•  MooTools Image Preloading with Progress Bar
Tags: preload,pre load,progress,progress bar,progress meter,moo tools,mootools,ajax,image preload,image preloading

•  Build a Toggling Announcement Slider Using MooTools 1.2
Tags: mootools,moo tools,ajax,slider,announce,announcement

•  Create, Read, Update, and Delete Cookies with MooTools 1.2
Tags: moo tools,mootools,cookies,cookie,ajax

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