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November 23rd, 2011
•  Exporting From Photoshop (Efficiently ;)
Tags: photoshop,psd,pshop,export,save for web

November 9th, 2011
•  Test the Load Time of a Web Page - Then analyze it and find bottlenecks
Tags: optimize,analyze,load,loading,load time,speed text,speed,load speed,optimization

November 5th, 2011
•  Font Smoothing Explained
Tags: font,type,fontface,font face,typography,text

October 27th, 2011
Tags: excuses,excuse,boohoo,whine,cry,great,greatness,excel,awesome

October 26th, 2011
•  Photoshop Tutorial: Fixing Lighting Irregularities / Luminance Equalization Tutorial
Tags: light,lighting,luminescence,luminance,photoshop,tutorial

October 25th, 2011
•  FlexSlider - fully responsive jQuery slider plugin
Tags: responsive,slider,slideshow,jquery,javascript,reactive,mobile

October 20th, 2011
•  So we came up with the typeface that includes all frequently used iconographics and symbols.
Tags: font,type,typeface,fontface,dings,webdings,icon,icons

October 19th, 2011
•  Postmark's spam API is a RESTfull interface to the Spam filter tool SpamAssassin
Tags: spam,akismet,spam assassin,spamassassin,api,rest api,spam api,web service,spam web service

September 30th, 2011
•  Creating a Mobile Touch Slide Panel with JQuery
Tags: touchslide,touchslider,android,iphone,jquery,slider,slide,sliding,mobile,jqmobile,jqtouch

September 14th, 2011
•  Display List of Facebook Page Events On Your Website with PHP & FQL
Tags: fql,facebook sdk,facebook,facebook php sdk,facebook php,facebook events,display facebook events,facebook events list

September 13th, 2011
•  Adaptive Images - Automatically deliver small images to small devices
Tags: adaptive,mobile,image size,image scaling,2x

August 31st, 2011
•  Reduce photo filesize up to 5x, while maintaining their original quality and JPG format
Tags: jpg,jpeg,compress,compression

August 30th, 2011
•  Swagger: A simple, open standard for describing REST APIs with JSON
Tags: rest,rest api,api,json,documentation,document,documenting,wsdl,api docs,docs

August 17th, 2011
•  Simple Prototype / Scriptaculous Slideshow
Tags: prototype,scriptaculous,js,javascript,slideshow

August 16th, 2011
•  Doing it right: skipping the iPhone url bar
Tags: iphone,android,webkit,scroll,autoscroll,toolbar,address bar,address

August 11th, 2011
•  TimThumb - PHP Image Thumbnailing Script
Tags: thumbnail,thumbnailing,php thumbnail,php image resizing,php,resize,resizing,image resize,image resizing

August 3rd, 2011
•  Prefixr - Cross Browser CSS in Seconds
Tags: css,ie,browser,prefixer,prefixr

July 20th, 2011
•  Chosen is a javsacript plug-in that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-friendly. It is currently available in both jQuery and Prototype flavors.
Tags: chosen,javascript,js select,select,javascript select

•  iTunes Preview Search
Tags: itunes,itunes preview,itunes search,search itunes

June 28th, 2011
•  Installing Wget on MacOSX
Tags: wget,osx,wget osx

June 17th, 2011
•  Export / Save Sites in Coda /// Move coda From One Computer to Another
Tags: coda

June 16th, 2011
•  Generic Soap Client Testing Interface (Provide WSDL URL)
Tags: soap,soap client,soap test,xml,wsdl,soap wsdl,xml wsdl

May 18th, 2011
•  MySQL to SQLite Converter
Tags: mysql,sqlite,mysql2sqlite,mysql to sqlite,convertor,conversion,mysql convert,mysql converter,mysql conversion,sqlite convert,sqlite converter,sqlite conversion,

May 14th, 2011
•  Find Big Mail (Gmail Cleanup!)
Tags: gmail,full,limit,gmail limit,gmail full,find big mail,big atachments,large attachments,attachments

May 12th, 2011
•  Detect Mobile Browsers Using PHP
Tags: mobile,redirect,mobile redirect,mobi,mobile site,iphone,windows mobile,android,blackberry

May 5th, 2011
•  A TextMate Bundle for JSON That Formats Properly
Tags: json,textmate,bundle

April 24th, 2011
•  The protocol-relative URL
Tags: http,https,ssl,secure,relative url,realtive,url,ecommerce,payment,gateway

March 31st, 2011
•  CSS String Truncation / Shorten
Tags: css,string,truncation,ellipsis,shorten,shortening

March 20th, 2011
•  jQuery Fundamentals eBook (free)
Tags: jquery,ajax,jquery book,jquery ebook,ebook,javascript

March 16th, 2011
•  Website Screenshot Thumbnail Service | ShrinkTheWeb
Tags: screenshot,web shot,screen shot,screen,screen capture,screencap,site shot,siteshot

March 10th, 2011
•  IE Specific Stylesheets
Tags: css,ie css,ie,ie style,ie stylesheet,ie specific,specific

March 7th, 2011
•  iOS UI Patterns
Tags: inspiration,ui patterns,ui,patterns,ios,interface patterns,interface,inspire

•  Building iOS Apps From Scratch
Tags: objectivec,objective c,ios,iphone apps,apps,iphone,learning,training,tutorial,iphone tutorial

February 1st, 2011
•  Accurate, up-to-date, low-cost ZIP code databases and programs.
Tags: zip,zips,zip code,zip codes

January 25th, 2011
•  How to Set Up a "Site Down for Maintenance" Notice with Apache
Tags: maintenance,site down,temporarily,temporary down,temporary,down for maintenance

January 22nd, 2011
•  SQLite to MySQL Conversion
Tags: sqlite,convert,conversion,mysql,database,sqlite conversion,convert sqlite

January 10th, 2011
•  Share Your Internet Via WiFi on a Mac
Tags: wifi,share,osx,share wifi,osx wifi,sharing wifi,share

January 7th, 2011
•  iPhone Keyboard Control for Mobile Websites
Tags: iphone,safari,webkit,keyboard,mobile keyboard,iphone keyboard,input,iphone input

December 8th, 2010
•  Character Entities List
Tags: utf8,character,character encoding,character entities,entities

November 23rd, 2010
•  Centering (horizontally and vertically) an image in a box
Tags: center,centering,vertical centering,image centering,image,css,css centering,vertical

September 20th, 2010
•  Fastspring - Sell Downloadable Software (e.g.
Tags: ecommerce,downloadable goods,software download,sell software,sell downloads,sell

August 11th, 2010
•  IETester - IETester is a free WebBrowser that allows you to have the rendering and javascript engines of IE9 preview, IE8, IE7 IE 6 and IE5.5 on Windows 7, Vista and XP, as well as the installed IE in the same process.
Tags: ie,ie6,ie7,internet exploder,internet explorer

July 25th, 2010
•  Fail Safe Email Delivery for Web Apps
Tags: email,spam,delivery,email delivery,inbox,mail,mail delivery

July 24th, 2010
•  AppMakr - Publish Your Own iPhone Apps for Free
Tags: iphone,iphone apps,apps,app,iphone app

•  Modernizr - Use cool new CSS3 and HTML5 features while maintaining a fine level of control over browsers that don't support them.
Tags: css3,xhtml,html5,modernizer,modern,modernizr,deviceatlas,detection,browser detection

July 14th, 2010
•  Full Page iFrame (use as temporary fix only!)
Tags: iframe,mask,hide,full page iframe,full screen iframe,full screen,full page,full

June 18th, 2010
•  MySQL - Problems with NULL Values
Tags: mysql,rdbms,null,mysql null,database null,database

June 7th, 2010
•  Styleneat - CSS Organizer
Tags: css,organize,clean,format,refactor,css refactor,cssneat,css neat,css clean,css format,stylesheet,style sheet

May 29th, 2010
•  AutoMySQLBackup
Tags: mysql backup,backup mysql,mysql,backup,database backup,backup database

May 28th, 2010
•  Mobile Compatibility Tables
Tags: mobile,mobile device,mobile web,smart phone,iphone,blackberry,android,mobile website,mobile site

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