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April 6th, 2008
•  Design Resources Google Custom Search Engine
Tags: design,inspire,inspiration,resource,web,google,vector,raster

•  PHP Tag Cloud Tutorial
Tags: php,tutorial,tag,cloud

•  FontStruct - Build, share, and download fonts. Free.
Tags: free,font,typography,type,face,character

April 4th, 2008
•  The Highly Extensible CSS Interface, The Series: Foundation, CSS Selectors & jQuery, Adding Ajax Interactivity, Testing for Extensibility
Tags: ajax,css,jquery,extensible,extensibility

April 3rd, 2008
•  Scalr is a fully redundant, self-curing and self-scaling hosting environment utilizing Amazon's EC2.
Tags: scale,scalability,scaling,ec2,cloud,elastic,amazon

•  Flex Component - Flexgrid - Lightweight but rich data grid with resizable columns and a scrolling data to match the headers, plus an ability to connect to an xml based data source using Ajax to load the content.
Tags: adobe,component,flex, grid,jquery,sort

•  Collection of Photoshop Tutorials From Other Sites - Rate + Bookmark
Tags: photoshop,graphics,design,tutorial

April 2nd, 2008
•  The Internet Typewriter
Tags: type,notes,jot,write,list

•  ScrnShots is the best way to share your screenshots of web and screen based design. Search and explore by tag, and get inspired!
Tags: screen shot,screen cast,capture,screen,inspire,inspiration,design

April 1st, 2008
•  jQuery File Tree is a configurable, AJAX file browser plugin for jQuery. You can create a customized, fully-interactive file tree with as little as one line of JavaScript code.
Tags: ajax,index,directory,tree,folder,jquery

March 31st, 2008
• Suite is a collection of portable apps including a web browser, email client, office suite, calendar/scheduler, instant messaging client, antivirus, sudoku game, backup utility and integrated menu, all preconfigured to work portably. Just drop it on your portable device and you're ready to go.
Tags: portable,apps,thumb drive,usb,application,standalone,stand alone

•  FancyBox is similar to lightbox-like tools, but with kinda different image zooming script for those who want something fresh.
Tags: jquery,lightbox,fancy,zoom,ajax,image

March 30th, 2008
•  Free Dotted World Map Vector Resource in 3 Sizes
Tags: vector,map,world,globe

March 29th, 2008
•  Are you bored with the default look of the YouTube video player? The Ext.ux. YoutubePlayer is a user extension that utilizes the YouTube Chromeless API.
Tags: youtube,you tube,custom,api,ext js,framework

March 28th, 2008
•  The Google Visualization API lets you access multiple sources of structured data that you can display, choosing from a large selection of visualizations.
Tags: data,visualize,visual,grid,graph,chart

March 27th, 2008
• - You tell us the date and time you want reminded and we'll send you an email in advance of that date.
Tags: list,reminder,todo,remind,notify,notification,forget,punctual,punctuality

•  markItUp! is a JavaScript plugin built on the jQuery library. It allows you to turn any textarea into a markup editor.
Tags: javascript,ajax,jquery,markup,wysiwyg,syntax,html,xhtml

March 26th, 2008
•  Grid-Based Design: Six Creative Column Techniques
Tags: grid based,grid,grid design,ui,layout,interface,design

•  The 960 Grid System is an effort to streamline web development workflow by providing commonly used dimensions, based on a width of 960 pixels.
Tags: grid based,grid,grid design,ui,layout,interface,design

March 25th, 2008
•  Wufoo UI Design Collection on Flickr
Tags: wufoo,ui,interface,design,inspire,inspiration

•  Save A Developer. Upgrade Your Browser. Say no to IE 6! Our current campaign focuses on assisting users in upgrading their Internet Explorer 6 web browser.
Tags: ie6,ie7,ff,internet explorer,firefox,upgrade,browser

March 24th, 2008
•  Randy Pausch Lecture: Time Management
Tags: time,management,efficient,efficiency,organize,organization

•  Dolphin - Open Source - Smart Community / Social Networking Software. YouTube, MySpace, Odeo, Flickr, Match and Facebook - all in one, customizable and under your full control.
Tags: dolphin,social,community,open source,myspace,facebook

•  Google has introduced Ajax Language API. This new API boasts two functions, language translation and language detection. You can translate and detect the language of blocks of text within a webpage using only Javascript.
Tags: ajax,javascript,language,translation,google,translate

March 20th, 2008
•  Amazon Fulfillment Web Service (Amazon FWS) allows merchants to access's world-class fulfillment capabilities through a simple web services interface. Merchants can programmatically send order information to Amazon with instructions to physically fulfill customer orders on their behalf.
Tags: web service,amazon,api,shipping,merchant,ship,ecommerce

•  A quick and easy Javascript countdown timer
Tags: countdown,count,timer,javascript

•  TableKit is a collection of HTML table enhancements using the Prototype framework. TableKit currently implements row striping, column sorting, column resizing and cell editing using Ajax.
Tags: tables,html,data,grid,sorting,column,cell,resizing,AJAX,striping

•  Lovd By Less - Built with Ruby on Rails this open source project has all the basic features you will need to setup a basic social network.
Tags: social,rails,open source,myspace,facebook

March 18th, 2008
•  TaskAnyone is a web-based task and project management service which allows you to keep track of your daily to-dos plus send tasks to anyone with an email address.
Tags: task,todo,list,delegate,share

•  A Conference Survival Guide for the Web Worker
Tags: conference,guide,conferences,fowa

March 17th, 2008
•  24 Great Niche Layout / Site Design Galleries
Tags: niche,design,inspiration,graphics,layout,ui,interface

•  Every new website needs a Launching Soon page. Now you can have one in minutes.
Tags: coming soon,launch,launching,count,countdown,timer,ajax,web 2.0,2.0

•  Password Meter is designed to assess the strength of password strings. The instantaneous visual feedback provides the user a means to improve the strength of their passwords, with a hard focus on breaking the typical bad habits of faulty password formulation.
Tags: password,strength,form control,ui,input,meter

March 16th, 2008
•  Bungee Connect is a 100% web-based environment for efficiently creating and instantly delivering highly interactive web applications.
Tags: ria,rich,applications,developer,interactive,web based

•  Create Professional CSS / DHTML Menus Online for Free
Tags: dhtml,menu,navigation,ui,interface,tabs

March 15th, 2008
• AJAX Control Kit
Tags: .net,,ajax,javascript

March 14th, 2008
•  Flex / PHP Security Basics
Tags: flex,php,security

•  Applying Flex Security -> Configuring Client Security Settings
Tags: flex,security

•  Applying Flex Security -> Using SSL
Tags: flex,security,ssl

•  DokuWiki is a standards compliant, simple to use Wiki, mainly aimed at creating documentation of any kind. It is targeted at developer teams, workgroups and small companies.
Tags: wiki,productivity,organization,document,documentation

•  An easy-to-use PHP w/ GD script for resizing / resize images the smart way.
Tags: resize,php,gd,resizing,gif,jpg,png,image,images,crop

March 13th, 2008
•  Make your pages load faster by combining and compress / compressing javascript and css files
Tags: load,speed,compress,compression,javascript,css

•  The Awesome Highlighter allows you to highlight text in a webpage so that when you send a link you can be certain the recipient will know why.
Tags: highlight,share,highlighter,link

March 12th, 2008
•  Scratch is a new programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art. , Young people learn important mathematical and computational ideas, while also gaining a deeper understanding of the process of design.

•  MyLoki location-enables social networking. As you travel around MyLoki can automatically let your friends know where you are using your favorite platform. You can pick and choose how and where you want your location displayed. Realtime?

•  More CSS is a small JavaScript library for everyday things, like creating popups, tab menus, tables and lists with "zebra"-style
Tags: css,javascript

March 11th, 2008
•  JavaScript Image Cropper / Crop / Cropping UI, using Prototype &

March 10th, 2008
•  The Value of Web Services for PHP

•  TaffyDB: A Javascript database for your browser / AJAX / JQuery / YUI / Dojo / Prototype

•  Markup Generator is a simple tool created for xhtml/css coders that are tired of writing boring frame code at the very beginning of slicing work.

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